Closing 2016, a list of talks I gave

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We are almost at the end of January but I didn’t want to end the first month of the year without doing a small recap of the talks I gave last year.

When I moved to Spain at the end of 2015 I said to myself that I didn’t want to forget the little English I knew so I needed to force myself to keep traveling outside of Spain and to do some public speaking. The public speaking bit is for two reason: keep forcing myself to speak English and… to lose my fear about talking English in front of a bunch of people you don’t know about a tech that they probably know better than you.

I could do it much better than I did, but I am happy with the results.

My English talks

Custom Volume Plugins @ Kubecon

Video & slides

I prepared this talk a lot, but I was pretty nervous on stage I did a terrible job. Some people said that they learn a lot of new concepts, but they were just trying to be friendly :) Probably I underestimated the pressure behind a Kubecon talk and I will fix this in the future.

Python, Kubernetes and friends @ PyGrunn

Video & Slides

I gave this in the best (IMHO, but I could be biased) Python conference in the Netherlands, it went pretty well, I knew the things I did pretty badly in my previous talk at Kubeconf and I tried to fix the problems. However, if you check the video and you can give me some advice, feel free.

From pets to cattle, the way of Kubernetes

Video & Slides

This talk was in Spain, but since it was a big conference I gave it in English for non-Spanish speakers. I think the talk was ok, I got a 4 out 5 in their feedback tool, but it seems I didn’t attach the people because nobody asking anything at the end. Out of camera I got several questions tho.

And the Spanish ones

All these talks were internal Jobandtalent talks for my ex-colleagues, I hope it helped them, they definitely helped me, it was a trusty environment and the questions were really interesting. You probably wouldn’t ask that much in a conference but it helps the speaker (in this case me) to improve.

Go 101 @ Jobandtalent

Video & Slides

Kubernetes 101 @ Jobandtalent

Video & Slides

Docker 101 @ Jobandtalent


Out of that list I gave some other, for example, about Neo4J and a workshop with my friend @ipedrazas about Kubernetes & Docker, here, in Spain. Also, I started mad Scalability and I am quite happy with about it!

I will try to prepare some CFP in 2017, but as today I see it pretty difficult because of reasons :)

As I said at the beginning of the post, one of the reasons why I tried to do public speaking is to improve at it, you if you have any advice share it with me please!


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