DJUGL: What's new on Django 1.5

by Álex 2013-03-12 21:30 talks djugl march django 1.5

In this talk Marc Tamlyn (@mjtamlyn) was explained to us all the changes in the new “major” version of django, django 1.5.

As always you can find the original talks in Internet:

Major changes

You can see a better explanation of this points here:

Pluggable user models

This was a problem since 2014 when Django was created.

If you want to change something this is your first start point: auth.models.AbstractUser. If you want to go one step forward: auth.models.PermissionMixin & auth.models.AbstractBaseUse.

You can override USERNAME_FIELD too, to override the standard username field of the model.

contrib.admin integration. Which I didn’t try yet (Álex) but if it works as they said, it should be just amazing!

Python 3

Caveats: MySQL, PIL, Selenium… this all need to be migrated also :(

Armin (@mitsuhiko) said that PIL is already supported o/


ALLOWED_HOSTS is a whitelist backported to django 1.3.x and 1.4.x but required in 1.5.

You can read the django documentation about this here:


Fixes the handling of streaming http responses. Instead use the normal .content you need to use streamed_content if you want to access to the content.

{% url %}

More new things

Backwards incompatibilities (perhaps)


Nice things you may have missed


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