Here I go PyGrunn'13!

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I am really proud of say that the next month I will be giving a talk at PyGrunn!

This is a really good new for me because PyGrunn is the conference that my old colleagues organize since years ago. I was on it first time in 2011 just one week after I started working at Paylogic. I meet a lot of interesting people there and I will see them again this year!

In 2012 I repeat, but at that time I had already started to organize the “Monthly PyGrunn”s with Ivor. TBH that talks were quite successful, and not for the quantity of people that we get there, if not for the quality of them and the networking after!

I am really happy too because going there I will be able to see a lot of friends that I miss! I just moved here 5 months ago but I really want to see them!

Now, the less important thing: about the talk! I will be talking about Thrift and how can we use it to talk between different applications in different languages (in the examples: Python & Scala). When PyGrunn finish I think that I will have a video where you can see the talk (or check my English) and I will upload the slides too!

Thanks to PyGrunn for give me this chance!


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