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by Álex 2014-02-23 go go golang polo pelican static

After a really, really long time I am finally updating my old blog. Time ago I tried to update it but I’ve realised that a lot of JS of the site was completely broken & instead spend some time fixing it I’ve decided to start it from scratch with my own blog site generator written in Golang: Polo.

I know that from a point of view of a software engineer, start something from scratch when you have something that was already working, perhaps is not the best of the ideas, but ehy! My blog, my rules :) And it’s kinda tradition that I develop a blog CMS every time that I learn a new language, with the only difference that this time it’s going to be an static one.


Why I’ve started my own? I was thinking a lot about this question and I only found 2 points:


My old blog generator was Pelican so I tried to keep Polo as much compatible as possible with it:


There is few capabilities that I would like to implement ASAP:

The generator is in a really early state which means that it can be some errors. I was moving all my old posts too and I didn’t manually try all of them, so, it’s possible that the content on some of them -specially images- is broken too. Please, contact me if you find something.

I am open to suggestions, feel free to create an issue or take a look to the ones that are already open. If you prefer you can just use twitter: @agonzalezro.


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