How to automagically generate your polo blog with CircleCI

by Álex 2015-06-18 blog polo deploy circleci

If you are using polo and you want to generate the HTML files every time that you push to a branch you can easily do that with CircleCI.

What are the steps that I need to follow to achieve this?


  1. Create a CircleCI account.
  2. Add your blog repo.
  3. Give CircleCI permissions to write to your repo.

For the third point you need to go to the configuration of your repo (the gear close to the name of your blog repo) > SSH Keys > Create and add “your user here” key.

Your repo git

  1. Create a branch called polo (or whatever you prefer).
  2. Add there all your content and remove all the html and generated files and folder.
  3. Add this circle.yml file (this is the example I use in this blog):

What this will do? It will download polo, compile your site, remove all the unneeded files and push the new htmls to the master branch of your repo.

Two notes here:

Happy blogging!


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