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by Álex 2018-04-16 devops cka kubernetes linuxfoundation exam

Finally last weekend I did the CKA exam, I was procrastinating it a bit in part because I didn’t know what to expect since Kubernetes is huge and I thought that each day extra I spend reading about it would help me.

TLDR; I did pass the exam and if you work daily with Kubernetes or variants as Openshift you will be ok, they are not trying to catch you in some weird question that not even Kelsey would know how to answer 😀

CKA certificate


Giving the long quantity of topics that could be covered in the exam I have used several resources to study it. I will try to sort this in a way that makes sense if you have no knowledge about Kubernetes at all, if you are already familiarized with it you probably can skip some of the links.

First of all you will need to know the basic Kubernetes resources, if you are a video fan maybe this video could help you: “From pets to cattle, the way of Kubernetes” (no spam 😬) but after watching it you will need to get more in depth, for doing so I recommend the book “Kubernetes: Up and Running”.

Now that you know the basics probably you will want to test it, you have several ways for doing it: minikube, creating a cluster in GKE, etc… but if you don’t want to bother about it yet, use Katacoda and try to finish some of the free Scenarios they have there.

You are almost there but if you are missing troubleshooting experience because you never administrated a Kubernetes cluster take a look to: “Kubernetes Cookbook”; this book is pretty focused on pragmatic problems, it will definitely help you in case you need to troubleshoot stuff and try to follow “Kubernetes the hard way” that would help you a lot to understand how to install or fix the Kubernetes components.

If have read all the previous links but you still want more, take a look to the official documentation at to review all the concepts.

The day of the exam

Part of my anxiety regarding the exam was that I didn’t know what to expect after sitting in my PC at 3pm, what would happen if my browser gets blocked? If I can’t understand a question? If I break my cluster? What’s going to be my “IDE”? I think some of these questions could be easily answered by the Linux Foundation in form of a video explaining how to do the exam, but I couldn’t find anything similar so I will try to help you here:

The wait

I did the exam last Saturday afternoon, from 3pm to 6pm and when I work up this morning I already had the result in my Inbox so you will not need to wait a lot for it, probably during work days it’s going to be even quicker.

that's all folks
From Retrofix

So, that’s it from me. If you are interested in Kubernetes and you work with it often you will not have any trouble passing the exam, however, I understand that giving the huge range of things that they could ask you the exam can be intimidating, trust yourself and you will be ok! If you do the exam and this helps you somehow or you just want to let me know anything, please ping me on @agonzalezro!


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