I'm starting to hate GNOME 3

by Álex 2011-06-08 19:02 gnome unity gnome3 hate

First of all, I’m GNOME user as main desktop on Linux since the version 1.x (about 10 years ago). I’ve played with another desktops but GNOME was always in my heart. But now, with the arrival of GNOME 3 and after two weeks using it I can say that I’m starting to hate it. In this new version it has a lot of functions that I don’t like and doesn’t have a lot of functions that I like :)

After see my arguments, perhaps you can help me to change my opinion but possibily my next post will treat about how erase GNOME 3 and go back to Unity. Go to see them:


Dynamic virtual desktops

I’ve always used virtual desktops. One for terminals, antoher for explorers, another for music and a extra one for all other stuff. When I want to go to my explorer I push Alt+2 and change my virtual desktop to 2. But now, I can’t do it, because if I want to open the explorers in the desktop 2 I must open something in the desktop one, but I don’t like it!

This is a very big problem for me because I’m not accustomed to use Alt-Tab to change the windows.

When you close the las window in a desktop…

the gnome-shell will be open! I don’t like it! Perhpas I’ve closed this window to go to my home folder, let me do that!

Alt+F2 doesn’t autocomplete

GNOME always had this option instead KDE that didn’t have it, and now, they erase it? I can’t understand why! I know that you can use the Super key (the fuc***g windows key presented on all keyboards), but use the gnome-shell to open a program isn’t so quickly as open it with alt-f2.

Autologin on GDM

I like to suppose that this bug is only on my pc, because I’ve tried to configure my autologin user and never ever is autologued. Perhaps I should submit a bug for this case.

Difficulty to install extensions

I will not say anything more about this.

No autohide bar, and no more bars?

I know that gnome-shell isn’t thinked to do that, but perhaps they must give a chance to do that to the users that like it.

And finally, one thing that happens with gnome-shell, gnome-do, meego desktop… Why if you have hide files they appear on recent documents or in the shell when you start to type? Of course… this hide files isn’t for p0rn, they are my personal documents only.


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