Photo of Alexandre González

Hi there! My name is Álex. I am an IT guy with passion on development and nowadays in infrastructure as well since Docker, Kubernetes and others happened.

On my day to day job I work as software architect for jobandtalent.com. I came to work here (Madrid) in October 2015 after expending some years in London (UK) and in Groningen (NL).

While I was in London I worked in Shopa & GreenManGaming but you can find more info about that on my LinkedIn profile. Before moving to Madrid I was working as contractor with Jetstack doing this PR for Kubernetes, it’s the Flocker plugin for k8s.

As you have probably deducted my background is mainly technical, but I got interested by business at the beginning of my career so I started my own company in Spain which was a completely economic disaster but I learned a lot & I studied a MSc in Electronic Commerce too hoping that it would be handy in the future.

As a FLOSS passionate I think that sharing is caring, this is why I try to share things that I think can be interesting for the community. Also, being selfish, writing the blog helps me a lot in two things: keeping up to my English & organise my ideas in a meaningful format.

Do you like the blog? You can find the source code of this blog (generated with polo) at my GitHub profile.

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