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by Álex 2014-07-27 blog theme theming polo BOOTSTRA.386

If you have seen my blog before I am pretty sure that you remember that the current theme is not the one that it used to be. I’ve created a theming “engine” for polo and for doing the showcase of the functionality I’ve chosen the awesome BOOTSTRAP/386 theme.

In this post I am going to try to explain how the theming works. First of all I wanted a really easy way of implementing/overriding/composite themes so I decided for the following:

  1. Using go-bindata (thanks again to @francesc for the recommendation) I include all the default templates (with a basic bootstrap theme) in the polo binary.
  2. If the place where you have your content override some of the default templates as for example I am doing here it will used those.
  3. If you don’t have a local template, polo will use the ones included in the binary.
  4. Profit!

As you can see is really straightforward to create your own theme for polo now. As I said before I wanted to showcase the theming “engine” with something that you are going to remember as it can be the BOOTSTRA.386 theme, but I suspect that in few days I am going to change it back to something more standard.

PS: I was really missing this blue/grey DOS design: EDIT, QBASIC, DBASE… so much fun!

PS2: this is the commit where I’ve changed the blog theme: 12d73af. If you want to take a look forget about the *.html changes and search for the templates/ changes. As you can see it is really straightforward.


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