Python and Scala smoke the peace pipe

by Álex 2013-05-13 talks pygrunn talk apache thrift python scala

This was my talk on the PyGrunn conference last Friday.

I was explaining how can you communicate services written in different languages using Apache Thrift for that.

In few days the videos will be available, but TBH, I don’t really know if I will publish it here. It was not the first time that I talk in public using English, but it will be the first time that it is recorded… I don’t really know if I want to see that! :D

I really need to improve my speed talking for the next time. I thought that I will not have enough time to explain all, so, my subconscious decided that I should be talking as a machine gun.

Below, you will find the slides, if not, try this link.

PS: you can find the source code of the slides here [1] & the source code of the demo here [2].

Enjoy them!


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